Through the years the word evangelism has become a difficult term to repeat in some of our circles; there are pastors who dread it, groups of church members who are frustrated by it, treasurers who talk about the huge investment for such low returns, even among our full-time evangelists, and church secretaries who notice that for every 100 people we bring into the church, 39 end up leaving. Some have decided to write off the word and totally delete it from our vocabulary.

But what if rather than deleting the word, we transform it, and redeem it? 

What if we as leaders could help our Adventists churches and members to embrace Evangelism in North America as a lifestyle, not as something that we do but as something that we are, not as an endpoint but as a process, that includes Reaching, Retaining those we reach, and Reclaiming those we’ve lost; not something that only a few can participate in but as something that everyone is excited to be engaged with. Something that takes more than words, actions. What if we get to be not only the mouthpiece of Jesus, but His eyes, heart, hands, and feet in our communities? What if we would make the intentional transition from Star Evangelism, where one person is the only one who does it and shines, to everyone being on board, involved, using their gifts, and shining together. Wouldn’t it be a much brighter light? 

Would this work better? Would the results be any different? Would our attitude change?

Our team of Evangelism, Mission, and Outreach leaders across North America is praying, visioning, and working non-stop to help you make evangelism enjoyable, accessible to all, and effective in your local context. The resources you will find here will help you to inspire,